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Helpful Information

Qatar Biobank is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001: 2013 accredited which provides our researcher’s assurance that our procedures are standardized and validated and the quality of our samples and data collected is consistently high. Our collected biological samples are processed and tracked using some of the latest technologies available and the automated processes allow fast throughput of high volumes of samples. During DNA/RNA extraction the use of Hamilton’s magnetic bead technology helps the biobank to provide high quality samples for researchers and the Qatar Genome Programme for DNA sequencing. The introduction of the Lab Chip equipment removes manual time consuming workflows by producing fast, high resolution sample quantification data.

Validation parameters are confirmed during the processing of samples and these include:

  • Calibration Function/Linearity
  • Sensitivity
  • Limit of Detection
  • Limit of Quantification
  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Scope of Application Methods (Dynamic range of method)
  • Proficiency testing
  • Evaluation of expanded measurement uncertainty

The automation of the biological sample processing allows Qatar Biobank to increase the number of samples that can be managed on a daily bases, increasing the number of resources available to researchers. The quality and the safety of the samples will be maintained over time by using the most reliable storage systems and procedures including sample tracking, liquid nitrogen storage and duplicate storage sites. Qatar Biobank has state of the art storage facilities for biological samples, with a cryopreservation laboratory and -80 °C automated bio store capable of safely storing over 2 million samples. The automated storage allows ease of sample monitoring and efficient sample retrieval and collection, allowing researchers fast access to their requested samples.

Currently the types and numbers of samples stored at Qatar Biobank are listed below for access to the full data catalogue.

Buffy Coat 40419
DNA 6061
Erythrocytes 76986
PaxGene 21901
Plasma 384301
RNA 479
Saliva 30247
Saliva + RNA 27073
Serum 272753
Urine 215571
Viable Cells 29574
Status Total 11005365

Conditions of use

  • Biological samples and information from Qatar Biobank may only be used for scientific purposes
  • Only approved medical researchers planning high-quality and beneficial research will be given access to biological samples and information
  • Only approved medical researchers will have access to the information and samples provided by Qatar participants
  • We will need to verify research credentials, the standing and reputation of the institutions and the worthiness of researcher’s planned research

Timeline for delivering data and samples to researchers

Administrative Processing timeline
(IRB Approvals / NDA & MTA / Payment if applicable)
Data and samples delivery
Exempted Approvals Expedited / Full Board Number of Participants Data Data & Sample
15 days 1 month 1-1000 15 days 30 days
15 days 1 month 1001- 6000 30 days 45 days
15 days 1 month 6001- 18000 45 days 60 days
15 days 1 month 18001-30000 60 days 75 days


Guidelines for Invoicing and Payment

Student Research Projects

  • For all Students Project (QU, HBKU etc.): QBB provides free data for 1000 participants.
  • Undergraduate Students data for 1000 participants free.
  • Master Students data for 1000 participants ± Samples or Genomic data.
  • PhD students data can be provided up to 6000 participants ± Samples or Genomic data.

Researcher Projects

  • QNRF -PPM QBB provides all data and samples free.
  • QNRF-NPRP researchers pay the budget allocated to QBB approved by QNRF.
  • Academic institutions: Researchers pay the budget allocated to them, QBB provides discount according to the budget.
  • COVID -19 Data and samples will be provided to researchers free.